A simple yet powerfull theme that enables you to design your website from scratch only with drag & drop, no coding required, using the power of Elementor and Eletemplator.


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What is Eletemplator?
Eletemplator is a set of tools that allows Elementor to design the entire website with drag’n’drop.

What is Eletheme?
Eletheme is a wordpress blank theme that allows you to create templates for each type of page of your website, basically is a theme generator for Elementor for WordPress.

Eletheme is one of the future tools that would be available soon on Elementor to give you more freedom to express your creativity.

I have Elementor Pro 2.x , do I need Eletheme?
Elementor Pro 2 comes with a theme builder that is very powerful and does almost everything that Eletheme does.

The difference is that Eletheme handles the header and footer inside a body template giving you the power to build horizontal websites where you can put the the menu wherever you want. Also in eletheme you work with nested templates, for example:[single] template is inside [post type] template which is inside [body].

Also Elementor Pro 2 doesn’t work without a theme, Eletheme is a template that is lightweight and has some features that Elementor PRO currently does not.

Not mention Eletheme it’s free and more features that you cannot find in Elementor PRO will come out.


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